The BSL team

BSL is a Dutch company with a British director. So when you visit the BSL team, you’ll hear both Dutch and English, and sometimes even Brutch, a unique combination of the two: “Het is een fantastische oplossing, the way you put this in zo’n context-sensitive kader!

In a world where people talk about databases, assets, responsive web design and web services”, Brutch can be an extremely useful language. Even more useful is our thorough knowledge of programming languages such as Objective C, C#/C++, PHP and Java. We’re also familiar with database languages like PL/SQL and Transact SQL for Oracle™ and Sybase™, as well as Lucene (SOLR), Autonomy™ and Exalead™ Big Data” and Business Intelligence” technology.

But our in-house knowledge extends far beyond language skills. Platform knowledge for instance – we’re equally at home reading and writing software for Windows, Unix, Apple OS X, and Linux. And as new standards and platforms emerge, BSL is almost always an early adopter.

Each one of the BSL team is a professional. From creative all-rounders, to graduates with years of specialist technical experience.

Together the BSL team forms a tight-knit group of experts who can provide a solution for each and every client! Although we’re (fortunately) all very different, we all share one characteristic – the ability to enjoy the “Bright Side of Life!”  


The people in the BSL Team

Caroline Bos - PA and Client Relations Manager / PA en Relatiemanager
PA/Client Relations Manager

PA/Client Relations Manager

Since mid November 2012, I can be found working three days per week at the Bright Side of Life. Starting as interim Office Manager, my new function from 1 September 2013 will be Personal Assistent and Client Relations Manager. My duties will include providing support to the Director (agenda/marketing/personnel), but I’ll also focus on sales/customer relations.

I’m extremely pleased to be given this opportunity within BSL, and see it as a new and exciting challenge.


After completing my training as Director’s assistant, my career went in a completely different direction. Via a recruitment agency I was introduced to the world of commerce, and I subsequently found myself carrying out a variety of roles for several different employers, from Intermediary to Office Manager.

I also worked for a year as a stewardess with Martinair before motherhood beckoned. After my two sons were born, I put work on the back burner for a while so that I could concentrate on ‘the kids’ when they were small.

New opportunities

Now that those two small kids have become teenagers and are spreading their own wings, I’ve been able to develop my career further. I’ve worked for nearly 2 years with a placement bureau carrying out back office work, and in 2012 I completed a 3-month project for a major energy supplier where I was responsible for managing a team of 12 hostesses.

And when I’m not working, I like to enjoy life to the full – for example, spending time in Amsterdam.

Eric Wijnands - Systeem architect / informatie-analist, system architect / information analyst
Software Architect

System Architect / Information Analyst

I’d already discovered my interest in computers from a young age, and it was an easy choice for me to pursue a career in this field. I first followed a study in Information Science at the Hogeschool van Utrecht, before putting my accumulated skills into practice at a number of companies. I then joined BSL as a software engineer in 1995, where my current position is System Architect / Information Analyst.

Different disciplines

At  BSL, I soon began to focus on the functional and technical design aspects of application and system development, working closely with our clients to meet their specific requirements. I also became increasingly involved in preparing offers, particularly where design aspects play an important role. I immersed myself too in developing systems using Oracle DBMS as the primary platform. In other words, I’ve been involved across the whole spectrum of system development during my years at BSL!


And when I’m not sitting behind my computer keyboard, I can often be found sitting at a piano keyboard. I’m a keen jazz pianist in my free time, performing in different groups and bands. I like to explore the great outdoors as well, and particularly enjoy active sports such as running, cycling and sailing.

Martyn Simpson - Director / Directeur

“Nemo hic adest illius nominis”

I’ve been told to “keep it short”. No stories about my time spent in a nunnery (learning Dutch!), or my many years flying round the world creating software and astronomical bar bills. Short and sweet is the motto…

Martyn Simpson – Director

The Bright Side changes continuously, but I’m still the sole director. I can usually be found behind a computer, either in our offices in de Corridor, or at my home office in Breukelen. Unfortunately I have too few chances to write software myself, but my love for software development remains. I spend as much time as possible working together with our engineers and designers, just to keep pace with the rapid changes. BSL/the Bright Side of Life is the perfect platform for applying new technology. Just ask our clients!


Leisure time

Life beyond BSL includes keeping in touch with my very independent offspring (Geoffrey, Emily). My wife Michele works alongside us here in the Corridor 3 days a week. It also means endless (alternative) music, radio drama and an ever-expanding collection of films. Yes, I still buy the damn things – streaming just doesn’t satisfy the collector in me.  I have never lost my love for new and alternative music, and so you can often find me at the Paradiso, the Tivoli or Melkweg – although I’m a little older than the average visitor!

My spare time is often consumed by house maintenance – which helps me relax. During the winter I have given up falling out of Christmas trees, or breaking limbs skating. Instead I slowly work my way through my collection of Islay malts. Or visit parts of the world I’ve not yet seen – and watch cricket in distant (hot) lands.My life in England is a distant memory now, but I still occasionally visit Leicester – my birthplace. Nowadays I enjoy being a tourist in London, and in the many beautiful parts of the British landscape.


Web content is an essential part of my life both here at BSL, and at home. This brings me endless music (Spotify and Tidal), Films/TV (iTunes), and online shopping. As an ex-pat Brit, I use the BBC for much of my entertainment. Online BBC radio 4 is one of my favourites – along with BBC online cricket commentaries. I’m one of the many Archers addicts worldwide – a radio soap that is now more than 60 years old! The BBC worldwide iPlayer brings some of the best of the BBC to my iPad, and my browser. This is an almost endless source of new drama and comedy. It also provides access to ageless material from the past. Programs like Blackadder and Fawlty Towers. All in all: too much stuff, and not enough time to enjoy it all!

Time to go, the word count meter is glowing red. As James T. Kirk would say:

Me transmitte sursum, caledoni.

Peter Verbaan - Java / Senior software engineer / Sr. Software ontwikkelaar
Java/Sr. Software engineer

Java / Senior software engineer

My name is Peter, and I work at BSL as a Java / Senior software engineer. Among my various activities at BSL are devising technical and functional designs, translating these designs into working code, and testing the code and offering customer support.


I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Utrecht. I then went on to carry out research into complexity theory (searching for efficient algorithms used in the solution of problems) for the university’s Department of Information and Computing Sciences. On the basis of this study, I was awarded my Ph.D. on 1 February 2006.

Leisure time

 I am also involved with computers in my spare time.

Astrid van Rijsingen - BSL's Online Marketing Assistant / Online Marketing Assistent van BSL
Online Marketing Assistant

Online Marketing Assistant

I’ve been part of the BSL Team since November, working as Online Marketing Assistant. Full of enthusiasm at starting my first ‘real’ job, I’m mainly involved with promoting BSL’s apps (BoekWijzerEnToen and DilemmaMatch), the company website, and its social media pages, including Facebook. Working 3 days at week at BSL, I help plan marketing campaigns and create content for the various platforms. And when I’m not at BSL, I can be found working at the tastiest and healthiest salad bar in the Netherlands!


My love of art led led me to study Visual Art and Design Management at the University of the Arts (HKU) in Utrecht from 2008. I  worked on many fun and interesting projects as part of the course, including the role of program coordinator for the student festival known as Stukafest. Wanting to learn more about the theoretical side of things, I subsequently embarked on  a (pre)master in Marketing at Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit in 2010. After graduating, I was keen to find a job in marketing – I wanted the chance to apply my creativity and know-how in my work, but at the same time learn new skills. I’m extremely pleased that BSL has given me the opportunity to do just that!

Free time

And in my free time I love socializing! Spending time with friends, out for a drink or enjoying a meal. I particularly enjoy discovering the hidden corners of Utrecht, looking for the most recent and nicest restaurants in the city. So, if you ever need any tips about where to go in Utrecht, I’ve got lots of suggestions!

Roderick Gadellaa - Front-end developer
Front-end developer

Front-end developer

In 2016, I joined BSL as a Front-end Developer. As my work in this role overlaps that of designer and developer, I have the opportunity to learn from the knowledge and expertise of colleagues involved in software development as well as design, whilst learning the in-and-outs of BSL.

When a computer first appeared in my childhood home in 1993, I soon discovered that as well as using it to play video games, it could be used for making things too – it wasn’t long before I began creating web sites, music and pictures outside of school hours!


In 2006, I decided to study BAT Design for Virtual Theater and Games (now known as Interactive Performance Design), faculty Theater at the HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht. During my course, I was able to build up wide-ranging experience of interaction in its broadest sense, from stories and animations through to games and interactive art installation. This was also the time when the popularity of mobile platforms was growing fast, giving me plenty of opportunity to be involved from the very beginning. After graduating in 2011, I started work as a free-lancer, working on a variety of projects where the focus was on web- and mobile technology.


As for what I enjoy in my free time… it’ll come as no surprise that I still like to spend it making things. Artwork, small web- and mobile development projects, or sketches for example. And I’ve now swapped making music to making my own radio programme. I’ve recently even been able send out my own test broadcasts via Internet, but the next challenge will of course be to find listeners who want to listen to it…

Marc Roeloffzen - Graphic designer / Grafisch vormgever
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

My name is Marc, and – as a graphic designer – I take care of all things to do with graphics at the Bright Side of Life.

For me, working at BSL means working on many different and diverse projects. One day I could be helping out with system management, the next day I could be working on brochures. And I can always keep myself occupied with web-design for our customers.


After finishing school, I took on all kinds of jobs, such as working in a bread factory, setting up stands and tents, and I even worked as a forklift driver in a factory that produces locks.


Because my hobbies – gaming, computers, internet and photography – started playing a larger role in my life, I decided to look for something in these areas to make a living from. I succeeded, and after some wandering through the world of IT I finally ended up at BSL as a graphic designer. I have been working here since 2002, and if it’s up to me I’ll be staying here for a while longer!

Despite the fact that BSL is based in Breukelen, which is near Utrecht, I still live in Apeldoorn as this is where all my friends and family live. Unfortunately, this means a daily bout of traffic jams, but luckily I know many alternative routes. Besides, working at BSL is well worth the effort!

Michele Simpson - Financial administrator - Financiële administratie
Financial administrator

If you have any queries related to BSL’s financial administration, Michele Simpson can be found three days a week at BSL – working on invoicing, payment of bills and salaries, and looking after our maintenance contracts.

Michele Simpson – Financial administrator

As you may guess from my surname, I’ve been involved with BSL since its very earliest beginnings, when the company was first registered at our house in Breukelen in 1990. After the ‘Bright Side’ became a B.V and moved to its first ‘proper’ office in Maarssen a year later, I remained closely involved with all aspects of BSL’s administration, eventually becoming a paid employee in 2004 at the insistence of the Dutch tax authorities.


In my current role, I also help out in the secretariaat if the Office Manager or Office Assistant are away, and provide extra backup during busy periods.

So, if you hear a strange English accent on the phone when you ring our offices, it’s undoubtedly me! And of course, I also do any Dutch-English translations that may be needed, and work on English-language blog items for the BSL and DilemmaMatch websites.

Leisure time

When not working at BSL, I also carry out translation and editing work from BSL’s original office at our home address. As our two children have now ‘flown the nest’, any remaining hours in the week might be spent watching a film, enjoying a meal (home-cooked or otherwise!), or simply relaxing with a good book.

And when Martyn’s busy work schedule permits, I also enjoy visiting as many corners of the Netherlands as possible with him – or anywhere else in the world as well!

I’ve even been known to indulge Martyn by accompanying him to cricket matches throughout the world, but for obvious reasons I prefer the Caribbean to a cold September in Nottingham!

Diana Hazenberg - Office assistant / Office assistent
Office Assistant

Office assistant

Hi, my name is Diana. On 1 January 2007 my year couldn’t have started better: that day I began my new job as office assistant at Bright Side of Life.

And I’m still just as enthusiastic now as I was on that first day: BSL is a fun place to work, with unique, professional colleagues who are all driven to help our customers the best way they can.


Right after I finished my training as European Executive Secretary / Management Assistant I worked for several years as a financial administrative assistant at Albron Catering. But when I discovered BSL, I knew this was the company I had always been looking for.

Leisure time

Outside of work, my passion are my two sons Quinten and Damian. None of us at home can sit still, so we often go out to various places; either just the four of us, or in the company of friends. I also enjoy various hobbies: intense sports such as Zumba, Bodyshapen en BodyJam, but I also like shopping or going out for a nice meal.

When we’re having some peace and quiet together, I often take long walks with the family, or I can be found behind my phone (read: Facebook games). But I can entertain myself just as well with an exciting film or book.

Nikola Ledwonova - Online Marketing intern / Stagiaire Online Marketing
Online Marketing intern

Online Marketing intern

I am a third year IBMS student (International Business and Management Studies) at the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen. I am currently working at BSL as an Online Marketing intern for three months, where I will be helping to promote their software development services and Apps.

Born in Ostrava in the Czech Republic, I spent my first 19 years there before moving to the Netherlands for my studies. My earlier education helped me to improve my language skills, especially French and English.


Thanks to my studies at HZ University of Applied Sciences, I have developed skills in business, management, marketing and sales, and financial management. Since the scope of the Business Administration degree is extremely wide, I have decided to start focusing more on Online Marketing. My main experience so far has been with Search Engine Marketing and PPC/CPC advertising.

Before joining BSL, I spent almost five months in London in Southwestern Ontario, Canada as an exchange student at Fanshawe College. During that period, I gained experience in Social Media Marketing and obtained a certification in Google Adwords. I spent most of my free time travelling throughout the USA and Canada.


As well as travelling and exploring new places and cultures all over the world, my hobbies include dancing and other sports. I also enjoy simply relaxing and watching movies.

Eek O'Rangutan - Omnipresent / Librarian / Bibliothecaris


At the beginning of 1998, BSL was joined by Eek. Nobody knows exactly what he does,  but he  – perhaps influenced by a a famous family member – claims he is a librarian. Nobody at BSL believes this, but as long as he doesn’t leave banana peels around the office and doesn’t eat our lunch, we’re fine with that.

He has never been known to buy a round of drinks, using the poor – but unfortunately accurate – excuse that he has nowhere to keep a wallet.


His hobbies are apparently eating, drinking (excessively), and picking fleas. He is a very low cost resource (we pay him peanuts).

His favourite things include: eating Marco Borsato cd’s, Discworld, eating soft fruits, brachiating, and saying ‘ook’.

His least favourite things include: listening to Marco Borsato cd’s, street organs (he established Apes Against Street Organs), buying drinks (eek!), being called ‘Monkey’, anything that can be loosely classified as work.

“Te audire no possum. Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.”

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