“Nemo hic adest illius nominis”

I’ve been told to “keep it short”. No stories about my time spent in a nunnery (learning Dutch!), or my many years flying round the world creating software and astronomical bar bills. Short and sweet is the motto…

Martyn Simpson – Director

The Bright Side changes continuously, but I’m still the sole director. I can usually be found behind a computer, either in our offices in de Corridor, or at my home office in Breukelen. Unfortunately I have too few chances to write software myself, but my love for software development remains. I spend as much time as possible working together with our engineers and designers, just to keep pace with the rapid changes. BSL/the Bright Side of Life is the perfect platform for applying new technology. Just ask our clients!


Leisure time

Life beyond BSL includes keeping in touch with my very independent offspring (Geoffrey, Emily). My wife Michele works alongside us here in the Corridor 3 days a week. It also means endless (alternative) music, radio drama and an ever-expanding collection of films. Yes, I still buy the damn things – streaming just doesn’t satisfy the collector in me.  I have never lost my love for new and alternative music, and so you can often find me at the Paradiso, the Tivoli or Melkweg – although I’m a little older than the average visitor!

My spare time is often consumed by house maintenance – which helps me relax. During the winter I have given up falling out of Christmas trees, or breaking limbs skating. Instead I slowly work my way through my collection of Islay malts. Or visit parts of the world I’ve not yet seen – and watch cricket in distant (hot) lands.My life in England is a distant memory now, but I still occasionally visit Leicester – my birthplace. Nowadays I enjoy being a tourist in London, and in the many beautiful parts of the British landscape.


Web content is an essential part of my life both here at BSL, and at home. This brings me endless music (Spotify and Tidal), Films/TV (iTunes), and online shopping. As an ex-pat Brit, I use the BBC for much of my entertainment. Online BBC radio 4 is one of my favourites – along with BBC online cricket commentaries. I’m one of the many Archers addicts worldwide – a radio soap that is now more than 60 years old! The BBC worldwide iPlayer brings some of the best of the BBC to my iPad, and my browser. This is an almost endless source of new drama and comedy. It also provides access to ageless material from the past. Programs like Blackadder and Fawlty Towers. All in all: too much stuff, and not enough time to enjoy it all!

Time to go, the word count meter is glowing red. As James T. Kirk would say:

Me transmitte sursum, caledoni.

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