NDC Contendor

NDC Contendor Project - real-time newsNDC Mediagroep (formerly NDC|VBK) is an important newspaper and media-publisher, responsible for producing several daily papers and free sheets in the Netherlands. BSL was responsible for developing the NDC Informatie service (NDCi), a service redesigned and relaunched as Contendor in November 2006. Contendor was transferred to ANP Business in September 2009.

Drawing on NDC|VBK newspaper contents, the Contendor web site provided a unique business-to-business service. Subscribers had instant access to real-time news from 40-50 NDC|VBK titles, as well as hundreds of thousands of archive articles.

Instant, flexible search

Contendor was fully integrated with the NDC editorial workflow – articles were imported and indexed within seconds of publication. Web site searches were almost instant, retrieving articles either as text, or as part of complete PDF pages. This level of performance (with thousands of text & PDF articles added each day), was achieved using technology from Oracle™, and from Autonomy K2.

News dossiers

Contendor provided much more than fast online search. Articles were automatically classified into hundreds of predefined dossiers, known as taxonomies – users could browse through the dossiers, or subscribe to favorites so that any new articles added to dossiers were ready and waiting ahead of subsequent visits. Using ‘Attentmail’, they could also choose to automatically receive e-mail notification whenever news articles matching their interests were added.

Complete system

Contendor was developed by BSL using Oracle™ to manage the content, user accounts and access to each of the web services. A private NDC web site was used to manage every aspect of the system.

Autonomy™ K2 was used for indexing articles, and for automated classification of content. The web sites and services were developed using Java/J2EE.

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