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PwC is a worldwide organization that relies on up-to-date, reliable and relevant information to best serve its clients. BSL has met this need by developing Pulse Smart News (previously ‘SPiN’, Smart Provider of Information & News). Pulse supplies the 5,000 professionals working at PwC Nederland with profiled newsfeeds within the company portal, or pushed in real-time via e-mail and smartphone.

Pulse Smart News – Premium newsfeeds

Pulse has access to a database of over 7 million articles, refreshed in real-time from over 600 sources selected by PwC. Pulse automatically indexes the tens of thousands of articles that arrive each day in real-time, classifying them automatically into predefined news profiles or dossiers. Pulse currently supports many major news content providers, including:

PwC consultants can subscribe to any of around 1,500 dossiers through their profile page in the PwC portal. They can also manage their subscriptions, or request new topics that match their changing business requirements. Using Pulse, all PwC employees receive personalized and profiled news that suits their needs.


Before Pulse was introduced, some 20 information specialists individually managed the mailings. This was extremely time-consuming, meaning only around 100 mailings could be maintained. Today, the Pulse service is managed by just three information specialists who maintain over 1,500 profiled newsfeeds.

International success

Pulse has been introduced in six other PwC territories, and is being tested by many more. The Digizines web-portal was added to Pulse in 2012 – providing a platform for internal digital publications and internal social networking. More recently (in 2014) we introduced new Pulse web services to distribute content via a custom Pulse app for mobile phones.

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