PCM Uitgevers Asset Management

PCM UitgeversPCM Uitgevers (PCM) was one of the largest publishers in the Netherlands, publishing several national newspapers, as well as local papers, and specialist magazines. The Belgian publisher ‘De Persgroep’ acquired PCM in 2009, and the name was changed to the ‘De Persgroep Nederland’. In the Netherlands, ‘De Persgroep’ publishes daily titles including the Algemeen Dagblad, de Volkskrant, Trouw, and Het Parool.

Photo Editorial System – FRS

The PCM Uitgevers editorial teams (from 3 different titles) received thousands of photos each day. These are delivered from press bureaus, freelancers and in-house photographers, in a variety of formats. A high-performance photo database was needed so PCM photo editors could quickly access these images, selecting the best photos. With our proven track record in multimedia databases, they asked us to help develop an extensively customized Photo Editorial System. We worked with their photo editors every step of the way, defining the requirements and fine-tuning the design. The result – a tailor-made photo editorial system based on BSL’s FRS software that met all their needs. Their system converts, imports and indexes all incoming images almost instantly, making them accessible for editors within seconds of their arrival.

Flexible and Online 24/7

All our FRS systems support multiple independent editorial teams, sharing a single database. Users access individual photos on the basis of access rights assigned to each source and title combination. Photo editors can make their own image edits using our FRS/Edit module, and maintain attributes visible only to their colleagues. The PCM system supports Apple, Windows and web-based clients. It was available around the clock, automatically processing and distributing 800 to 2,000 images each day. Since the introduction, the system remained permanently on-line – even during three major upgrades.

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