NBD Biblion – Media Information and Production system

NBD Biblion MIPSNBD Biblion is a leader in the field of media management, and the most important provider of information and acquisition advice for public libraries and (school) medialabs in the Netherlands. Every month, NBD Biblion MIPS is used to process hundreds of new titles (books and multimedia). Each new title is reviewed, and assigned meta-data, along with cover scans, and descriptions.  This information is used to automatically generate weekly reports that they distribute to their customers.

A custom-made system

NBD Biblion asked BSL to develop a system aimed at improving the productivity, efficiency and quality of this information service. After first producing a complete system design, based on the use of Oracle™ technology, BSL went on to develop the NBD Biblion MIPS Production system (Media Information Production System), consisting of tailor-made Windows applications, web applications, and web services.

Search technology

Autonomy™ K2 was used in the original MIPS system, later replaced by Oracle Text™ – a standard Oracle™ product that excels in ‘free text search’ functions used by several MIPS products.

NBD Biblion MIPS connections

  • PICA (OCLC) – Pica & MIPS content is used as a single integrated source when exchanging information with external systems
  • MoM (More over Media) – a platform for publishing title information on demand, along with supplementary content such as author biographies, and reviews
  • Web applications used by reviewers, and management of review payments
  • FRS asset management system – used for managing hundreds of thousands of scans of book covers and contents pages. Covers can be retrieved based on title, author, ISBN, and other search options via the Coverlist XML service, used by many NBD Biblion clients.

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