NBD Biblion AIDA – Online multimedia order system

NBD Biblion AIDA

Photo: NBD Biblion

NBD Biblion has a leading role in the area of media management, and is the most important supplier of information and purchase advice for public libraries, schools and medialabs in the Netherlands. BSL was asked to create a new version of the NBD Biblion AIDA online search- and order system. AIDA stands for the NBD “Acquisition and Information DAtabase”. It comprises an Oracle database, and a website used by NBD customers to order new titles.

Close partnership

Working closely with NBD Biblion, BSL produced wireframes and visual designs for the new interfaces. We created a completely new design that offered the required functionality, whilst keeping the look and feel of the corporate website and NBD Biblion’s own housestyle.

New website

The result is a totally new AIDA: one which is more user friendly, where information is presented more clearly, and which of course works with most commonly used browsers. The new site was developed using a Drupal CMS – a standard recently adopted by NBD Biblion. This allows content administrators to quickly and easily specify offers, create promotional material and add messages to their own ‘shop window’. Authorized users can even change the layout of the pages themselves using the CMS. AIDA is linked to NBD Biblion’s back-end Oracle systems, giving users access to the entire catalog of titles including bibliographic content and up-to-date pricing information. Client orders can be placed via the new interfaces, and are processed immediately via the back-end.

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