Ideal Library website concept design

OBD Ideal LibraryThe Overijssel Library Service (OBD) is the main service provider for library organizations in Overijssel. The OBD also supports cultural-, educational-, and care institutions in the distribution of information for culture and education. One of the OBD’s aims is to build an ‘Ideal Library’ website concept. Design for use within libraries throughout the Netherlands. Their vision is to create a web presence that, in combination with physical libraries, provides optimal support for the main social activities of the library service: to encourage reading, and to provide readers with a wide range of information.


Zwolle public library was the first to give shape to this web presence, where BSL created a first version of the ‘Ideal Library’ website on their behalf. After the highly successful launch in 2009, BSL was asked to develop a second version for Deventer, based on the WLWI interface guidelines. Many new features were added, such as a ‘returns counter’ showing recently returned titles. The Deventer Ideal Library website was one of the most popular exhibits at the national library congress held in Maastricht in 2010.

The Ideal Library concept – an open CMS

BSL used PHP and Joomla! (the in-house OBD CMS) to create the web site. It derives catalog and subscriber content from integrated library systems Bicat and Vubis (currently V-Smart), and includes an integrated search interface based on AquaBrowser™. It makes use of the ‘Zoek & boek’ service for locating and reserving titles at a national level, whilst NBD Biblion services are used to request more literary information and to display book covers. We modified and re-engineered several web services in order to make this integration possible.

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