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Website widgetsStichting (BNL) was established at the end of 2009. One of its aims is to develop, implement, and manage digital services on behalf of – and for – Dutch libraries, including online searches in the catalog, ordering and renewing books, and library memberships. This centralized approach encourages the effective use of (public) resources, and speeds up the development of digital services across the libraries sector.

Website Widgets design & development

BSL was asked to design and develop a number of website widgets for the Literatuurplein and Leesplein sites. These are designed for use within the Dutch public library infrastructure (WaaS) – meaning that the widgets can be hosted on any number of sites. The design and functionality of the website widgets fully conforms with the national infrastructure, as well as the BNL house style. And just as important – the widgets were designed to appeal to visitors to the Literatuurplein and Leesplein web sites. There are more than 200,000 visitors each month. During 2015 the Literatuurplein had more than 4 million website users, serving more than 20 million pages. For a Dutch language website, this makes it one of the most popular sites in the Netherlands.

User friendly and flexible

BSL worked closely with the client to optimize user friendliness and widget functionality. The result is a whole range of widgets that can be seamlessly used on all library web sites within the Netherlands. The website widgets are available as components that can be used in a CMS such as Joomla, Drupal and Bart CMS, making direct use of the web sites underlying Literatuurplein and Leesplein.

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