Coöperatie Rundveeverbetering

CRV multimedia bank / CRV multimediabankCRV (Coöperatie Rundveeverbetering) is a Dutch-Belgian organization responsible for the improvement and promotion of cattle herds. They maintain comprehensive breeding records, including many photographs, and asked BSL to develop the CRV Multimedia Bank (MMB) to manage this material. We created the MMB using our standard FRS software, customized to include a range of CRV-specific features. The MMB has been an unqualified success. Working with CRV to introduce many new features, this unique visual database of cattle (dairy and breeding stock) now includes videos alongside photos, as well as links to in-house data sources.

CRV Multimedia Bank – automatic content import

Using the MMB, CRV is able to automatically import images in a wide range of file formats, compressing them and storing them in several resolutions. Key characteristics are added to the images during import, and any original captions are automatically linked to the images. Authorized CRV users can then modify or correct this information, and are able to add a range of additional characteristics: for example, the parentage, keywords, and data obtained from other in-house systems. The images and movies are then made available on the CRV intranet. Selected contents are made available on the internet, or used in CRV publications.

Oracle database and Oracle Text

Created using Oracle™, the MMB is stable, fast, and reliable, storing many tens of thousands of images.

Oracle Text™ helps users to find images quickly – providing some 40 different search methods. The selected images can then be downloaded, for use in brochures, magazines and presentations, or for publication on the Internet.

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