The challenge

BSL Reception SystemOur office in Breukelen is easy to find, but visitors faced a challenge once they passed through the revolving door. With an unmanned reception, two staircases, a lift, seven companies and twelve doors to choose from over three floors, it wasn’t always clear to visitors where to go. Our solution – a Drupal based Reception System…

The BSL solution – the Reception System

BSL came up with the idea of the Reception System. A web application that guides visitors to their appointments using a centrally-located screen. The display shows the names of visitors, the time of their appointment, and the location. The reception system was initially developed for use in unmanned receptions, but it can just as easily be used in ‘manned’ (hotel) receptions.

Extra features

To make the system more eye-catching, we’ve included options to display more than just appointments. Our system can also display short news items and images. Each subscriber/end-user has the option to upload messages and photographs, which are then randomly displayed in a slideshow alongside the day’s appointments. Placing a company logo above the messages makes it clear who has placed each message.

The system displays a newsfeed if no appointments have been planned. This can be based on any internal or external information source (RSS feed), and can also include images for each news item.


As our reception system is based on Drupal, it’s not necessary to purchase or install separate software – all you’ll need is a PC or Apple with a web browser! And because the user interface and module for adding and updating appointments is tailor-made by BSL, no extra Drupal knowledge is needed. The system can also be easily modified to meet your specific (technical or graphic) requirements.

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