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NBD Biblion develops a variety of products, services, and knowledge in the field of media. Receiving several hundred new titles each month (books and multimedia), their reviews and recommendations are made available to libraries throughout the Netherlands, as well as web sites such as bol.com. Boekensalon.nl is an NBD Biblion web site designed by TMP Worldwide, and developed by BSL.

The Boekensalon community

Reading and sharing opinions on books is an enduring pleasure for many book lovers. Boekensalon.nl is an online meeting place where lovers of literature can share their book collections, experiences and interests, chat with fellow bookworms, and browse through the recommendations and reviews available from NBD Biblion and other users. Users can receive personal suggestions and tips automatically, based on their favorite writers, genres or what their friends are reading. They can also form online reading groups to discuss books and authors they’ve read.


The Boekensalon has an advanced ‘Web 2.0′ interface, featuring visual effects, multiple overlays, and drop down panels. It is one of the most feature-rich web sites we have created, with support for RSS & Twitter, and direct links to the NBD Biblion ‘More about Media‘ web service. For more information, take a look at our project brochure.

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