web developments – web services for librariesThe ‘Vereniging van Openbare Bibliotheken‘ (VOB) was the branch organization of – and for – the Netherlands’ public libraries. In 2010, the VOB was replaced by the ‘Sectorinstituut Openbare Bibliotheken‘ (SIOB). SIOB manages – among others – the web site In 2009, BSL developed a prototype for a new version of this web site, making use of ‘Web 2.0’ standards. The aim was to create an optimal library experience for local libraries and their users, and to design a website that could be modified to meet’s future needs.

We created a concept for the future of, establishing many important design elements. We described a number of typical ‘user profiles’, and created ‘user stories’ defining the steps taken by users to locate and utilize information within the site. An advanced Flash demonstration was created at the end of the project.


BSL created two widgets as part of this project. The ‘location widget’ publishes library locations and opening times on a web site, and is currently used by more than 300 libraries. The ‘activities widget’ allows libraries to present upcoming activities and events on their web site in a clear and easily accessible manner. The widgets are suitable for use on a wide range of web sites, including Facebook and Google+. widgets

BSL has since worked on numerous other projects as part of the new ‘White Label’ web platform. These have included the development of ‘Self Service’ widgets that are linked to external library systems. These offer many common library services, including identity controls, user registration, and access to lending records. We also created a series of Literatuurplein widgets (see that publish a selection of Literatuurplein content within the web platform, and provided a range of local and national library collection ‘search services’.

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