ABN AMRO SRS – Signature Registration System

ABN AMRO SRSABN AMRO is a large international bank with branches in more than 60 countries. Every day, they authorize transactions for a large and diverse group of customers. While individual customer account holders and small companies form a large part of the ABN client list, they also service many large investors and multinationals.

In this digital age, it’s surprising to realize just how much business still depends on the right signature appearing on agreements. With individuals located throughout the world authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the bank, how do you know you have the right signature? How do you know the authorization limits of each employee?

The bank approached BSL with just this problem, and we came up with a custom solution: ABN AMRO SRS.


Designed and developed by BSL, the Signature Registration System (SRS) stores and manages employee signatures as well as the authorization limits (Powers of Attorney or PoA)  assigned to employees. Using a central Oracle™ database, it also publishes signatures worldwide for online verification via an Intranet web service. Integrated with their Human Resources system, SRS does far more than manage signatures. By linking signatures to the bank’s personnel system and to local Chambers of Commerce, it provides all the tools needed to verify signatures, and to check the signing authority of each employee.

SRS is now an established part of ABN AMRO’s international business management. Our software automatically ensures that personnel and managers are made to an employee’s authority. Also when personnel join or leave the bank. Security is of course key to the success of SRS. Only authorized users have access to the system, and every manual change is double-checked by at least one colleague. At the same time, SRS provides instant worldwide access to up-to-date signatures and authorizations via the bank Intranet.

Some 12,000 signatures – together with employee data and authorization details – are managed using ABN AMRO SRS.

Fully integrated system

A web-based management module gives ABN AMRO users responsible for maintaining signatures and personnel details complete control over database access.

Using SRS, the import and management of signature information and personnel details could not be easier. The contents are automatically updated at frequent intervals using imports from the Human Resources SAP-based system. This reduces the need for manual maintenance of basic personnel details. Staff can focus just on their key task: maintaining the PoA information and signatures. The management module also uses standard e-mail templates to reach employees and their managers. Department heads can apply for new Powers of Attorney for members of their team, and follow the progress of each application. Employees receive regular e-mail updates, informing them of any change in their status, or to their signing limits.

The management system is user-friendly, and supports a range of browsers and versions. Frequently used functions are accessible from menus at the top of the screen. A unique double-entry control system ensures that changes must be verified by colleagues before updates are finalized in the database and made available for publication.

Web services

Employees worldwide make regular use of the ABN AMRO SRS web service to search for and check signatures via their browser. They can search for names, country, levels of authorization, or legal entities. They can view and print copies of the available signature and PoA for each employee, as well as check information about the scope of their financial authority.

Reliable and productive

ABN AMRO SRS is fast and easy to use, and has evolved over the years to meet the organization’s changing needs whilst keeping pace with changing technology. In other words: SRS is a flexible, cost-effective and reliable system for signature management.

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