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Learn about some of the solutions we have created on behalf of our clients. Browse through this small selection from the wide portfolio of developments and projects we’ve worked on. We’ve nearly 25 years of software development experience. Our flexible technology and the professional services we offer means that our software is used by a wide range of customers…

Brochures describing many more of our projects and developments can be found in the brochures section.


Delve into our background. Browse through a selection from our portfolio of projects. Get to know some of the innovative software we have designed and developed together with our clients. We develop software for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, as well as for Windows, OS X, UNIX and Linux. We deliver web applications that use the latest responsive design techniques, innovative CMS technology, and Java / PHP. Many of our solutions make use of databases from Oracle, Sybase and of course MySQL, but we also make use of exciting technologies from Exalead and Autonomy. Guaranteed to provide the “Big Picture” based on your “Big Data”.

FRS – Multimedia Asset Management Solutions

If you want to learn about our unique asset management software FRS, or our MediaLook web service, you’re in the right place. In Projects (see above) you’ll find examples of how we have used FRS as a platform to create custom media-rich applications for the ING Bank, Financieele Dagblad, PCM Uitgevers, NIOD World War II image database and more…

Mobile Apps

BSL is now increasingly involved in the development of advanced mobile applications for iOS and Android – often combined with online databases for the delivery of real-time content. Take a look at our recently developed DilemmaMatch, BoekWijzer and Entoen.nu apps…

Other Products

Learn about some of our older developments, a glimpse into the past, when the Bright Side of Life worked with the creators of the JPEG standard. We developed some of the first networked image databases in the world. These include:

Edison software - Portfolio


Developed together with the Dutch Police (and the Centrale Recherche Informatiedienst), Edison™ was designed to manage and distribute sensitive, encrypted images.

Edison/HKD managed regional photo databases of suspects, synchronized between multiple sites within each Police division, and linked to criminal records. Edison R&V managed large databases of high resolution images, distributed throughout the world, and used for verifying travel documents and currencies by customs officials using touch-screens.

Sign Language / Gebarentaal - Portfolio

Sign Language CDs

Teaching children and their parents the basics of Dutch and British sign language was the goal of both our NGT (Nederlandse Gebarentaal) and SignBase (British Sign Language) developments. Both products managed complex databases containing thousands of sign language videos, linking the videos to descriptions, keywords, synonyms, and examples of each sign in context. The databases – themselves a world first – were used to create teaching tools in the form of CD/DVD games, dictionaries and other learning aids, allowing deaf children and their families to discover and learn sign language.

VANEyCK web site - Portfolio


We developed Van EyCK for use by international galleries, art institutes and auction houses. Images were indexed using the content as well as complex metadata. Van EyCK featured automated image comparisons, making it possible to identify copies of works, or to recognize the style of different artists. It also supported unique strategies for classifying and describing artwork, using custom thesauri, and Iconclass. Iconclass is the most widely accepted tool for the description and retrieval of subjects represented in images and is used by museums and art institutions throughout the world.

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