Astrid van Rijsingen has just joined us as Online Marketing Assistant. We at BSL know our developers and designers do great work – we create innovative custom software for our customers and exciting apps. But we want the world to know too! Recognizing the growing importance of social media in the business world, we’ve kept abreast of developments and built on our online marketing skills. We’ve learnt how to best employ platforms such as FacebookLinkedInTwitter and the Google AdWords/Display Network. Working as BSL’s Online Marketing Assistant, Astrid will help develop and implement our online marketing strategy. In other words, she’ll help spread the word about BSL!

BSL’s Online Marketing Assistant

Let me introduce myself – my name is Astrid van Rijsingen. I joined BSL as Online Marketing Assistant in November. And I’m really enthusiastic about starting my first ‘real’ job! Working 3 days at week at BSL, I’m mainly involved with promoting BSL’s apps (Boekwijzer, Entoen and DilemmaMatch), our BSL website, and our social media pages, including Facebook. I help plan marketing campaigns and create content for the various platforms too. And when I’m not at BSL, you can find me working at the tastiest and healthiest salad bar in the Netherlands!


I studied Visual Art and Design Management at the University of the Arts (HKU) in Utrecht from 2008. As part of my course, I worked on many fun and interesting projects and internships. I took on the role of program coordinator for the student festival known as Stukafest for instance. I also volunteered as coordinator at the Latin American Film Festival. Because I was keen to learn more about the theoretical side of things, I went on to do a (pre)master in Marketing at Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit in 2014. I focused on Marketing, as this gave me the chance to apply my creative and analytical skills.

The future

Social mediaMy aim after graduating was to find a job in marketing. I was therefore extremely pleased to become BSL’s Online Marketing Assistant.  I’m looking forward to immersing myself in Google Adwords. And helping create new marketing campaigns as well! Numbers and figures are definitely ‘my thing’. But I like to think ‘out-of-the-box’ too – I enjoy searching for challenging and creative solutions. I’m keen to develop my marketing skills further at BSL, but in turn bring a new, fresh energy to the team. And it won’t all be hard work at the Bright Side – the name says it all. There are lively lunch breaks and film evenings to look forward to as well. And everyone knows Eek O’rangutan is a ‘fun guy’, always ready for a joke or two. 

And, of course, I enjoy socializing in my free time! Spending time with friends, out for a drink or enjoying a meal. I particularly enjoy discovering the hidden corners of Utrecht, looking for the most recent and nicest restaurants in the city. So, if you ever need any tips about where to go in Utrecht, I’ve got lots of suggestions!  

Interested in joining the BSL team?

We’re currently looking for a Junior Software Developer, so if you’re interested, take a look. Or take a look at our other job vacancies. Come and join our team!

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